At JPA we do not teach Small Circle Jujitsu as a stand alone class.  When I originally started to study Ryukyu Kempo under a different organization the grappling was termed “Tuite.”  Much of what we were taught was in actuality Small Circle Jujitsu.  I have had the priviledge of seeing Professor Wally Jay in action every year in Jacksonville, FL  since 1993 as well as attended seminars with Professor Leon Jay.  We do utilize some of the principles of Small Circle in class, mainly the wrist extensions which I affectionately refer to as “turning the door knob.”  We no longer call the grappling “Tuite” as this is disrespectful to the Professors’ Jay.


“Although Small Circle Jujitsu(TM ) Concepts are relatively modern ones, based on tradition styles, we choose to move forward honoring the past but not dwelling in it.”

-Professor Leon Jay

The 10 Principles of Small Circle Jujitsu

Mobility and Stability
Avoid the Head On Collision of Forces
Mental Resistance and Distraction
Focus to the Smallest Point Possible
Energy Transfer
Create a Base
Sticking Control and Sensitivity
Rotational Momentum
Transitional Flow:

1. Exert Continual Pain During Transitions
2. Create Maximum Pain Without Dislocating Joint
3. Mobility During Transition Rather than Stability

In the video below, Small Circle Jujitsu founder Professor Wally Jay demonstrates the “Dance of Pain”: