May 20th, 2011 – Grandmaster Bruce Chiu – Alexandria, LA
Contact David Cannon at Bayou Martial Arts for more information.
2011 Double Impact Seminar  – Southaven, MS – August 20th
Pressure Point techniques and Stickfighting
Seminar featuring Grandmasters Jack Hogan, 10th Dan Ryukyu Kempo and Bruce Chiu, 7th Dan Modern Arnis. These two systems complement each other and are easy to incorporate into your existing style. Content will consist of practical self-defense utilizing pressure points, joint locks, throws, stick fighting and much more. Jack Hogan was one of the first instructors in the country to learn pressure points and is a former Special Operations solider, he has studied the martial arts including Shotokan (5th Dan) for many year. Bruce Chiu holds black belts in several systems including White Crane, karate, and Modern Arnis. He is a former personal student of GM Remy Presas and a former Florida Sheriff Deputy.
*You will be asked to sign a comprehensive waiver of personal injury prior to participation