What better way to show your employees you care about their safety and well-being than providing them the basic knowledge to defend themselves?

Self-Defense Seminars by Jones Protective Arts make a great addition to:

  • Executive and Managerial Retreats
  • Employee Health Fairs
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Faculty Conferences
  • Employee Benefits Package
  • Security Staff Training

Self-defense seminars can be custom tailored to meet the needs of the attendees and are suitable for men and women, beginners or advanced. While self-defense knowledge is a must for everyone, it can be of extra benefit to: managers, human resources personnel, travelling sales staff, installation technicians, field inspectors, collections staff, and of course, security personnel.

Seminars can include:

  • Basic Self-Defense
  • Pressure Point Techniques
  • Joint-Locks
  • Advanced Control Techniques
  • Stick Traps and Locks
  • Weapon Disarms

JPA Self-Defense Seminars an be conducted anywhere in the U.S.   E-mail us today at jonesprotectivearts@comcast.net to let us know where and when you want to give your employees the gift of personal self-defense.


Photos taken during a Self-Protection seminar hosted by First Tennesse Bank in Memphis, TN